Atlantic Marine

A rich blend of forestry
by-products, fish and
shellfish containing extra calcium. Excellent for root crops – carrots, potatoes, and lawns. Very high in organic matter. Also great for pest control (slugs and cutworms).

Tri-Plus Country
Blend Compost

The whole farm in the bag.
A mix of various farm
manures and forestry by-products. This is great for an all around soil regenerator. Especially good for flowering plants and fruit trees.

Sheep Compost

A mix of sheep manure
enriched with poultry.
The “traditional pick” by gardners. An all around amendment great for flowering/vegetable/bulbs/lawns and trees. Very high in organic matter.

Cow Compost

A mix of cow manure
enriched with poultry and
aquaculture inputs. Can be used liberally as an amendment for vegetable gardens with no harmful overfeeding. This product is also high in organic matter.

Application Rate for Compost:

For new gardens, we suggest 2.5-4cm of compost over the area to be cultivated and mix in well to a depth of 15-20cm. For existing gardens use 1.5-2.5cm.

Additional Products

We have been developing superior growing mediums since 1991. We are proud to offer organic soil products that produce consistently superior results.

Premium Mix

Made with a blend of
well ages organically manufactured compost & sphagnum peat containing elements essential to healthy plant development. After planting or seeding, water often to keep medium moist to enable good root development. Note additional nutrients may be required to ensure optimal plant development.

Mega Soil

An organic container mix
consisting of well-aged
farm, marine and hen compost, sphagnum peat and perlite, and PH buffered. Designed for assisting nutrition in container gardening. It is recommended to be used in conjuction with a crop management plan.



Fortified with compost.
Increases nutrients,
improves soil structure and enhances the drainage in heavy soils. Recommended for all types of outdoor plantings. A soil mix great for topping up shrub beds and touching up lawns.

Garden Soil

A soil enriched with aged
farm blend compost and
quality topsoil. Perfect for the gardner who desires a one-step project.

Our Landscape Products

Soilmate has an extensive line of landscape products.
We can create custom blends to provide made to order solutions for our customers.

Dark Bark

Our most popular mulch.
An organic mix of bark and
farm manures. A beautiful topdressing for flower gardens and shrubs. The black background naturally enhances colour and texture of flowers and shrubs, while providing nutrient value for your plants.

Red Mulch

An excellent mix of
spruce, pine and fir.
A great cosmetic finish for those who like the red background in their flower gardens and walkways.

Natural Mulch

A natural colored mulch
of pine, spruce and fir.
Also perfect for flower gardens, walkways or playgrounds.