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About Us

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Cardwell Farms is committed to the production of quality verified organic soil amendments and mulches for our customers. Our priority is to find organic solutions for weed/insect control, moisture control, and the maintenance of nutrient levels and healthy soil structure, all in an environmentally responsible manner.

In 1991 we began developing the formula to produce the compost used today for our growing mediums. This compost only consists of forestry by-products, fishery by-products, and various mixes of farm manure.

Cardwell Farms processes compost mixes which are marketed in Eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States. These include Country Blend Compost, Composted Sheep Manure, Atlantic Marine Compost, Organic Black Earth, Compost-enriched topsoil, and a Compost/peat blend Potting Soil.

All our products are verified organic by the ECOCERT Certification body. Cardwell Farms considers itself a progressive company looking to expand the use of by-product inputs for formulating our organic compost products and in new applications of our products within the horticultural and agricultural industries.

Cardwell Farms is a member of The Compost Council of Canada, Landscape NB & PEI

At Cardwell Farms we believe it is important to give back to our community by supplying products for fund-raising projects; and financial support of various charities and organizations.

Cardwell Farms Compost Products Inc. is located in Penobsquis, near Sussex, the Dairy Center of the Maritimes, New Brunswick, Canada.

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