Compost 101

Put a Little Love in Your Soil

Cardwell Farms Compost

Suggested Application Rates

Using Compost as a Soil Amendment

Compost can be turned into the soil in the spring in preparation for planting. It can also be spread on soil at the end of the gardening season and allowed to leach into the soil.

For New Gardens we suggest 2.5cm to 4 cm of compost be applied over the area to be cultivated and mix in well to a depth of 15 to 20cm.

For Existing Gardens we suggest 1.5 to 2cm of compost be applied to the surface and worked in.

For New Lawns, 3-5 cm over the area and till to a depth of 12-20cm.

Existing Lawns, 1.5-2cm onto surface (broadcast spread)

Field crops, 10 MT per acre or to soils test suggestions.

Compost can be used for annuals, perennials, vegetables, tree planting, shrubs, vegetable gardens, or to repair or replace lawn areas.

When used as a soil amendment, compost reacts with soil to slowly release both plant nutrients and essential trace elements.  Compost can be used to plant trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and vegetable gardens, or to repair or replace lawn areas.

For more information about compost read our  “The Science Behind Compost” article.